Forgiveness is a process

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Forgiveness is a process.

I personally don’t believe in forgiveness, I believe in accountability.
But for some people, forgiveness is an important step towards closure. Which is okay too. At the end of the day, we all look to finally make peace with our past.

And once the person – that has caused the hurt – takes genuine accountability — that is the beginning of our healing. It is then we decide if the relationship is worthy of healing too. However, keep in mind — they don‘t get to choose when we should stop bringing up the past, or how long it takes for us to finally be okay with them. Because they did NOT think of us when making those choices of consciously hurting us.

Too many times in the pursuit of closure, we end up kicking up settled specks of dust and reopening old wounds. Because…

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Remains Of Burnt Bridges

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I often wonder, how many people struggle with the fact that they continue to care for people who were the reason for immense hurt in our past; even if it is a tiny fragment of care?

And every once in a while you can still feel the ripples of the shock-wave pulsing through you, from their sucker-punch in your gut. So you know forgiveness is a closure you can’t give them or even afford for yourself. Because how can you forgive someone… when that past continues to affect your future, while their’s gets better!

There continue to be residues of emotions you want to tell them, of how it went down for you, and how hard it was to get back up, cross that bridge and move on. However, you know there is no point, nothing more than a waste of your breath. Because the people who never bothered to…

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Pro-Life OR Anti-Choice?

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There are only two sides of an abortion debate: Pro-Choice AND Anti-Choice.

There is no such thing as pro-life.

Because you aren’t pro-life about the lives of the children who are placed in orphanages and foster homes. You don’t care about the children who are never adopted. Those who suffer from unstable childhood shifting through foster homes. Those who are forever scarred because they never get to experience the love, safety, and security of parents. Those who grow up suffering violence and abuse and there is no one to give them a better place, another chance in society. Their lives matter.

Because you aren’t pro-life about the lives of the children you restrict by not allowing same-sex parents to adopt them. You stop them from having a second chance in life, you stop a loving family to multiply. Simply because your bigotry and your hate for non-heterosexual and non-cis-gender people…

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Atal Raho, Atal Bano : Stay resolute, Be resolute

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Former Prime Minister of India) 25 December 1924 – 16 August 2018

The legend who inspired me to hold the pen and make it sing.  For me…the best way to give a tribute to him was to write a poem.  After all, it is only fitting to write a poem about a great poet and an equally great man!

It has been a week since I have been constantly thinking of him. These three days have especially been hard for me as somehow I couldn’t shake the thought of — “what if we lose him?!”

That it would finally be the end of an era after Mr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, who died in 2015. (Former President of India) 

And then today I read about his passing. I was taken by absolute shock because I wasn’t even aware that he had been admitted to the hospital…

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INDIA ! Legend and History

INDIA! The world’s largest, oldest, continuous civilization and her legend and history.

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” India, the One land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for all the shows of all the rest of theglobe combined” – Mark Twain.


Republic Of India –  भारतीय गणराज्य : A country that leaves one spellbound with its alluring contrasts and striking features in all that it beholds! India is a 34,000 years old country with a rich legend and history. One is sure to get intermingled with the plaited knots of customary and contemporary ingredients of India. Where else will you experience spirituality and solitude than in the mystic land of the lords! The rich rituals, distinct culture of India, festivals and ceremonies that India celebrates, unfold its legendary sagas.

Without question, India is the most engaging, colorful, chaotic, spiritual and life-affirming country in the world. It is an assault on…

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GENDER EQUALITY : The gender prerogative and its Sociological implications


An easy guide to Equality, Gender norms, Feminism and the sociological implication of the gender prerogative.

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There has never been a better time than now. And it has taken eons for us to reach where we are today. It required sacrifice, persistence, resistance and perseverance of countless women and help of many sensible men to get enough people to accept the existence of Misogyny and understand the meaning of equality.

I wrote this article as an easy guide to Equality, Gender norms, Patriarchal setup, Feminism and the sociological implication of the gender prerogative.

ARCHIVEDPost originally published on August 3, 2017

This article covers :  • Women and equality  • Gender norms & roles •   • Patriarchy & its role in Misogyny and Misandry • Toxic stereotypes and children • Sexism Enablers• Victim blaming/shaming • Male abuse erasures • Women Empowerment • Patriarchy • Incels • Sexual Entitlement and  ‘enforced monogamy’ • Sociological implication of the gender prerogative • Feminism in different ‘world’ settings…

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in India

Top 5 honeymoon destinations in India that represents 5 different landscapes.