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Namaste! I am Fiona Crystal.
A Bachelors degree in Sociology with a Masters in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. I have a passion for poetry, writing, blogging and talking about global socio-political issues. * Also counsels distressed teens and adults (in high risk situations) online.

I am a nefelibata with a wanderlust, looking for my smultroställe. I want to make resfeber numinous memories or die. In a quest for love, soulful music, spiritual experience, writing a best selling novel and a meaningful life. Alone, I find my soul spinning words of heartbeats and lucid dreams of wild things . ❤

“My words are the ink colored tear stains left behind on pieces of papers when the mind and the heart come together to fix the pain in my soul. I bleed on the paper. I die. And then my breath survives another day.” 

They cloud my heart and knock the sensibilities out of my mind. Emotions that are sometimes tempestuous and sinfully amazing. Emotions that are sometimes my personal hell. My words are the fragments of my soul.   ❤

Sexuality : Demi-Bi-sexual | Gender : Nonconformist | Pronoun : She/Her 


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❤ Blog : thephotohoarder.blogspot.com

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