End of an era

This man is forever going to be the one voice that made me fall in love with Rock -a genre I despised. And always going to be my heart’s second voice. 

I have cried listing to him & I have sobbed listening to him & I have loved every moment of every bit of LP.

His music was, is & always will be my companion through out my never ending fight with depression & anxiety. A music, a lifeline that i held on to while i felt drowning, while i feel drowning. Its devastating that the very same depression took his life…

I felt dead inside & this man & this band sang my emotions and shouted my frustrations & rapped about everything I was angry at the world for.

Ear deafening sound yet the only noise that reached my soul from the other side of the world while I sat there on the floor numb.

To say that I am heartbroken won’t do justice to the emotions I feel with his loss & I know there are people out there who have sobbed today for this immense loss.

I hope he knew while he was alive : how much he & LP meant for us fans. Some of us are alive & kicking because of this band.

I hope you find the peace you never felt while you were alive. You are gone but you will always be loved. People like you aren’t meant be forgotten. Rest in Peace Chester Bennington. 


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